The Future Of Internet Technology

The Future Of Internet Technology

The internet is without a doubt transforming and permeating all aspects of the economy and society. It is an outstanding catalyst for collaboration, creativity and innovation and even broader for the development of the economy and infrastructure among many other aspects. Over the past 20 years or so, the internet has become more and more mobile and able to support a wide range of applications and services as well that were not foreseeable in its initial design.

The evolution of the internet will become more evident as it becomes more pervasive and available at any place and time. The future of internet technology will be realized in various fields including architecture and infrastructure. This will leverage Internet Protocol over simple very fast core networks. The major trend is virtualization that will feature construction of optimized virtual networks that will answer the needs of users in architectural and infrastructural applications.

Experts who have shared their insights on the future of internet technology have agreed on internet modeling simulation and measurements as a future trend. This advancement will require internet measurement and probing, network interference and detection of attacks and other anomalies.

The future internet will exponentially increase information development of social networks, accelerate growth of online video-traffics and the emergence of other internet things will progressively cause online and the real world become interlinked. The growth of privacy and security threats, diversity and a number of sheer applications, businesses and service models will be supported by future internet technology, placing the current internet under strain.

The diversification of internet content and interactions with data is appearing and many applications continue to evolve and new systems, management tools and measurements are required. The future internet will transform the media transfer of content through video, TV and voice transfer that are now on demand.

The internet has become very critical in everyday life in various domains as diverse as health, education, commerce, defense, travel and entertainment among several other domains. There are several experts who are looking at future internet to evaluate new protocols as well as systems on new ideas. The future internet will improve numerous sectors of the economy, security, quality of services among several other things.

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